I am Anwar Abdul Ghani
I am Anwar Abdul Ghani

I have been working as a Regional Manager in a reputed perfume Company for over 15 years. To understand more about certain Products and to know of their Business possibilities, I have been travelling meticulously to different countries for the past two years. Along with it, I was also undertaking various promotion programs to meet good customers. As I was serving as the Regional Manager of a particular Company, I couldn’t provide them with the Products of other companies. It was then that the idea of starting my own Distribution Company bloomed in my mind, wherein I could include other good brands too. Thereby I hope that, I could meet the demands of various customers of different interest.

This was a Concept formulated by days filled with the sweat of labor and many sleepless nights. I gathered the legal information needed and in the end gave up my position as the Regional Manager. The fruition of all the hard work came into being with the Establishment of my small Company named ‘Unique Perfumes and Gifts Est’ with the head Office in London. I can understand its ever growing possibilities today and I strongly believe that I haven’t started late. The number of clients from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain surprised us and we could understand that many require our client-ship. This has given me great hope and my next venture is to grow further in the Middle East countries. I want to develop into a highly developed Fragrance Company catering to the needs and dreams of every customer. I hope you would join us in this journey towards a fragrant future.

Thank you.

Anwar Abdul Ghani ,Managing Director, 
Unique Perfumes & Gifts Est. ,
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh,
Head Office London,